October 2001 World Trade Proposal

The tragedy of 9-11 has rendered ground zero as a national monument. After that event every American felt obligated, in fact, felt compelled to contribute in some way. It was a time of unity, of nationalism, of American pride and the feeling that American pride had been violated. It is in that spirit, of intellect and emotion that I proposed this project.

Architecturally the two buildings reflect the mass of the original buildings. The heavy base reveals a permanency and sense of stability of place. The towers above the base are set off at an angle to represent a new direction, a new strength and a new approach. Each building is firmly planted on the ground with sloping walls growing out of the ashes. The two buildings are joined together by a multi-story atrium with a cascading glass enclosure representing the fluidity and resilience of the American people. The roof is charectorized by a sloping form with high intensity illumination reflecting off of the underside so that the light image would serve as a light house and a beacon for American freedom.

Small Chapel including interiors.  

This project consisted of a conceptual design for a small Chapel.   It was the goal of the sponsor to select the best design solution and to promote that design concept to solicit funds for development.  In addition to the basic building design the competition involved the intergration of interior lighting and the effects of lighting.